Traudney  Byerly  Ministries

"Equipping God's People to Empower Their Lives"

Ephesians 4:7-16

The Tree of Life Community Development Corporation is dedicated to helping people to succeed in every area of their lives. 

Our Motto is:

"Helping to Empower people in education, employment, and economics."

Our Mission is:

To provide our neighbors with the necessary tools and resources so that they can be, do, and have the good that they desire so that they can improve their lives.

Our Vision is:

To implement community programs, workshops,  training classes, and coaching/mentoring to youth (ages 5-25) and adults.  Our focus is to help them further their educational goals, find employment and/or create their own business, and to become financially literate to achieve economic success.

Below is a list of opportunities that have proven to help people increase their financial lifestyles. 

Click on each link to learn more about these amazing opportunites.

For questions about any opportunity, call (832) 510-3725