Traudney  Byerly  Ministries

"Equipping God's People to Empower Their Lives"

Ephesians 4:7-16

Covenant with TBM


Traudney Byerly Ministries (TBM) believes and encourages the concept of "covenant" when it comes to Kingdom Apostolic ministry.  The parties involved must see it as a symbiotic relationship in which both sides benefit from the contributions of the other.  TBM is dedicated to those who have agreed to covenant with us.  From interceding for you daily to personally contacting you on a monthly basis, we are here to walk with, encourage, and equip you in this Kingdom walk and journey.

From Traudney Byerly Ministries To You

Covenant Partners can expect to receive daily meditations and monthly emails from Traudney Byerly Ministries. You will be included in Traudney Byerly Ministries Intercessory team prayers as we cover you. We may even call you just to say hi, and to check on you!

Covenant Disciples can expect to receive partner benefits along with access to monthly conference calls and exposure to Kingdom building resources/materials. Disciples will also receive weekly Apostolic messages sent to them.

Covenant Sons can expect to receive partner and disciple benefits along with access to a monthly Apostolic Impartation call with Apostle Byerly. Sons will also have the opportunity to schedule a weekly one-on-one call with Apostle Byerly for counseling, information, and guidance purposes. Sons will always have access to any resources, relationships, and/or opportunities that have positively impacted his life.

From You to Traudney Byerly Ministries

Covenant Partners are expected to fervently pray continually for Traudney Byerly Ministries, Apostle Byerly, Lady Melonee, their children, and for the Kingdom plans that God places in their hands. Partners are also asked to sow according to the purpose of their hearts and the leading of the Holy Ghost.

Covenant Disciples are expected to operate in the same manner as partners and to also be faithful in attending all ministry events sponsored by Traudney Byerly Ministries including conference calls, webinars, seminars, and outreaches. Disciples are asked also to be found faithful in their giving of tithes and offerings to their local church/ministry (if one is present) and sow into T.B.M. as it operates as the “spiritual storehouse” on their behalf.

Covenant Sons are expected to operate in the same manner as partners and disciples and to also be faithful in receiving Apostolic Oversight/Mentorship from Apostle Byerly. Sons, who are leaders of their perspective ministries are encouraged to consistently sow into Apostle Byerly personally and encourage their ministry to sow into Traudney Byerly Ministries as a place of good ground for the ministry.

**If you are seeking a true covenant relationship, please complete the Covenant Form below.**